George Mark Bostock (1931 - 2005)

Family Tree: Lambeth - Part 2
Son of: Mark Bostock (1890) and Rose (1898) E.GeorgeM
Born: 1/1/1931 in Agawam, Mass MBAuto.65
Died: 23/1/2005 in Bowman, SC E.Gale
Married: (1) Barbara June (1931) , (2) Virginia (1932) , (3) Gale (1946) E.GeorgeM
Children (1): Nancy R. (1950) , George Marshall (1951) , Blane C. (1953) E.GeorgeM
Children (2): George Mark (1961) E.GeorgeM
Children (3): Tracey (1972) E.GeorgeM

1940 Census, West Springfield, Mass, aged 9.

Office clerk of Hampden, Mass, 1950.

Email correspondent E.GeorgeM. In particular he scanned and transmitted all the pages of Mark Bostock's Autobiography.

Served in the US Navy 1955 - 1977. Awarded Honorary Chief in 1997. This text is a link to the citation put in by his colleagues to support this post retirement promotion, by all accounts an unusual event in any of the Services.

of Bowman, SC.

The following is from The Times and Democrat, Orangeburg, SC, of 27/1/2005:
George served 14 years at S.C.H.D. in Columbia for National Business Systems.
He served aboard the USS Piedmont, and the USS St. Paul.
He was a photo journalist.
George was a generous man. Knowing I would enjoy a unique Bostock souvenir, and right out of the blue, he mailed me (from South Carolina) his specially made up car registration plate. Thank-you George, it stays on my desk at work. I shall look after it.