Bostocks of Westminster, London

The family tree starts with a move from Ashford, Derbs to Westminster in London where almost all the men enter the printing trade. The areas of London most mentioned are Bermondsey and Southwark in the east, and Pancras in the north.

Other occupatons are theatrical director, shipping manager, and basket manufacture. The family mostly sticks to London, with one branch settling in Portsmouth, Hants.

The family tree consists of 99 members, and is presented in 4 parts, headed by the individuals shown. Red parts and names indicate a contact.

Part 1 - THOMAS (1801) - Prnter of Westminster, London
|__ Part 2 - HENRY JOHN (1834 - 1884) - Printer of Bermondsey, London
| |__ Part 3 - THOMAS HENRY (1871 - 1937) - Lighterman's watchman of Bermondsey, London
|__ Part 4 - DANIEL GEORGE (1856 - 1919) - Basket manufacturer of Westminster, London