Mark Bostock (1890 - 1970)

Family Tree: Lambeth - Part 2
Son of: Edward William Bostock (1858) and Alice Helena Catherine (1861) Cert, Census
Born: 27/1/1890 in Westminster, London
Died: 11/3/1970 in Mars, Pa MI, MBAuto
Buried: at Hillcrest Park Cemetery, Springfield, Mass MI
Married: (1) Rose (1898) , (2) Annabelle (1900) PR
Children (1): Grace Rose (1922) , Clinton Willard (1925) , George Mark (1931) PR

1891 Census, Christchurch, London, aged 1.
1901 Census, Ashford, Middx, aged 11, at school. 1171.163
1920 Census, Springfield, Mass, aged 29, clerk in factory. T725_702.81
1940 Census, West Springfield, Mass, aged 50, assembler for gasoline pump manufacturer. 1598.10B

1920 Occupation: receiving clerk (see photo below).

Travelled on Canada from Liverpool to Montreal, arriving 17/6/1904, age 15, destination Montreal, Quebec. He was in a party of 5 boys from the East End, London.
Travelled on Southwark from Liverpool to Portland, arriving 3/4/1911, age 21, destination Sutton, Quebec, farm labourer, Canadian. CanPL

He emigrated as a boy worker to Canada in 1904,
and then in April 1910 he immigrated to America.


He naturalised as a US citizen on 9/9/1918 in Hampden, Mass.
He travelled on the Aquitania from New York to Southampton arriving 8/11/1920, age 30, clerk. UKIPL
He travelled on the Aquitania from Southampton to New York, arriving 19/3/1921. EIR, USPA
He travelled on the United States from New York to Southampton arriving 11/8/1954. UKIPL

Self employed builder of Springfield, Mass when registering for World War I on 5/6/1917.

of West Springfield, Mass, employed by Gilbert & Barker Manufacturing Co when registering for World War II in 1942.

Mark kept a diary of the main events in his life, which his son Clinton edited in the form of an Autobiography. His son George has made this Autobiography available by scanning each page, and sending me the scanned pages. I have put this document together as Mark Bostock's Autobiography. While there is much 'diary' in it., which is repetitive, the account of his early years is most interesting, and shows great spirit.

This links to the Autobiography.

Mark's US Passport photo, 1920.