Authors and Acknowledgements


The author, in terms of getting the material on to the site, is Roland Bostock. I divide my 'genealogy' time between researching, and documenting the results of the research on the World Wide Web. I may be contacted, and indeed will enjoy the contact, by email to .

My co-author is my father Edward (deceased in 2006). He undertook all the research into the large Bostwick family, and was responsible many years ago for introducing me to the fascinating pastime of tracing one's ancestors. From about 1995 Edward was anxious to put on record what we know. This was originally conceived to be some very large books, but during the preparation stage the idea of creating the books was overtaken by the more ambitious, but far better plan, to put it online on the Web, where the potential audience can truly be said to be global.


It could be said that the acknowledgements section is being written somewhat premature, as there is still much work to be done, but it is the encouragement to get on and do the work that matters so much, and the facilitating of resources to enable it to happen. Hence I actually regard it as very appropriate to make my acknowledgements now while the work continues.

I have received encouragement from a number of sources. Apart from the unqualified encouragement I have received from my father, I also wish to acknowledge:

(a) The WebMaster of This is Bill Bostock. Bill is not proven as a relation. We started with a fruitful email correspondence, once I 'found' his email id. As soon as Bill knew what I wanted to do, he offered to me for free, for placing all the genealogy material. I am very grateful to Bill, and (he being younger than I) I feel the material is in a secure place, where the interest in keeping the Bostock records is also very high. Bill has also helped in a number of ways on the technical side of setting things up.

(b) Paul Bostock from Liverpool. Paul has been a most encouraging traveller in the quest to capture and record the family history. Paul is not proven as a relation either. Paul and I have spent days together in the Cheshire Records Office in Chester, dividing the work, and sharing the results of our findings, and he has made available to me copies of a great number of wills from the Bostocks who lived and died in Cheshire in earlier times, up to 1860. These wills have helped to sort out some of the difficult parts of the family trees.

Paul, like my father, wants to be sure the work is not all lost should I step under the proverbial bus. So, here it is Paul, I'm trying.

(c) Tony Bostock from Winsford, Cheshire. Tony is not a proven relation either. He is a most valuable genealogy friend as he lives very near to the village of Bostock in Cheshire where it all began, and he is a professional historian with special interest in medieval times. Tony also benefits from Bill's generosity, and owns the History section on Tony has been a great help to me over many years, and played a major role in the Bostock Reunion, held in Northwich in August 2004.

(d) For contributions on particular family trees I would also like to thank the following:

(e) And then there are the family trees which are still to do. I have not yet done the family trees of Paul Bostock or Tony Bostock, which are in the pipeline. One other to mention here is:

(f) And I thank the very many others who have engaged me in emails, plain correspondence, dialoguing through the Bostock Notice Boards and Forum, and through Genes Reunited. It's all been good fun at this end.

Roland Bostock